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Long range night vision camera

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               EV3000 25 miles         EMCCD Camera           EV3000-D-IR                   

Eagle Vision Camera Models with Ranges 1 to 20+ km/miles

New!!! United Vision Offering F3.5 brightness and 60x zoom (focal length of 2000mm when used with an extender), these lenses are suited for long range surveillance, including harbor surveillance. The compact and lightweight design allows establishment of compact remote surveillance systems. Day/Night capability for high-quality imaging around the clock. Equipped with a 2x extender that can see the actions of a person at a distance of 4km. Multiple power sources supported, can use existing control systems. Iris Override function allows manual iris adjustment.

The Solution for Border Port Marine and Any application required Rugged Long Range Camera system

Long Range Camera IP PTZ system

Triple Sensors EMCCD, Thermal IR, and Laser illuminator

NEW!!!!!! 55X optical zoom focal length 825mm

Long Range Camera 5 Km


Very long range maritime color surveillance camera

Eagle Vision Ev3000-D-IR  1 to 20 km range with IR night vision Sensor (Cooled Thermal 640x480   640x512 InSb)

Thermal Imager IR camera lenses are 50, and 100mm for uncooled

 The cooled thermal Imager has 50/250mm,100/500mm,15/750mm DFOV

50-500mm, and 88-1100mm continuous zoom

PTZ Camera EMCCD with IR infrared 55X 60X 100X zoom (optical )

CCD-F Hi resolution Color Camera with FOG filter

EMCCD Hi resolution Color Camera Motorized Lenses

10-330mm 10-500/20-1000mm  10-550/20-1100mm 12-660/30-1680mm 12.5-750mm/25-1500mm  

30-750mm 15-825mm 20-1100m/40-2200mm and IR coated motorized lens 10-1000mm /20-2000mm

EMCCD sensor

Long range camera EV3000-D Dual sensors camera system IR uncooled or cooled IR thermal, and Hi-resolution color camera


Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition

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EV3000-S-1000 demo using 100X Raymax lens






ev3000Camera 1 kmCamera 1 km

Camera 1 km


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Military Bases  Government Buildings  Oil Refineries  Under Ground Garages  Nuclear Power Plants  Border Check Points  Coast Guard Embassies 
Prisons Courthouses Banks / Mints Airports / Ports Munitions Plants  Police   Law Enforcement
Product and Solutions
Long range camera Long Range color D/N Camera     Long Range IR camera   Long range Thermal Imager   Cooled  thermal camera 20 km detection range
Uncooled thermal camera lens 4km detection  EMCCD camera   3-CCD
Explosion proof pan/tilt/zoom camera for hazardous environments with absolute position 
Pelco P/D extended protocol Telemetry/receiver 

camera system   Long Range video wireless  up to 50 km 
Explosive-proof Cameras   Stainless-Steel Housing   Rugged Camera enclosure  Solar Camera System  Radar interface camera system  
Vehicle  Mast Camera  Tower  long range camera 


Extreme Low Light Camera (EV3000-S with EMCCD)
 The EV3000-S was developed as a long range optical camera system. The EV3000-S camera is capable of providing color video during the day and can provide color or B&W video at night during extremely low light conditions.  Command protocol is Pelco D which simplifies the integration of the camera into existing architecture. 

Camera 1 km

The images produced by the EV3000 can go over fiber
optic cable, Wireless, RJ45 cables to the control room. 

Integrated long-range surveillance Day-Night Color Camera digital system for harbor and airport . 

Starlight / Moonlight camera sensor and now with Fog-filter to have images/pictures on all weather conditions

Camera 1 km

1 km camera

We also specialize in Border surveillance incorporating thermal imagers, cameras and real time links.

United Vision Your source for the best in professional quality CCTV equipment and accessories.  We are supplier

of surveillance equipment, specialized cameras (IR camera, IR cooled Thermal imager, Un-cooled Thermal camera

, Day/Night Long range, and Gen III Night vision camera), image transmission systems and integrated vehicle systems

for military, police, emergency services and intelligence applications. We also specialize in Border surveillance

incorporating Long range camera thermal imager, cameras, radar and real time links.