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 System   EV3000-D-IR500



A- EV3000 Camera Specification

B- Day Camera and Lens

C- Thermal Camera and lens


E- Pricing 

F-  Live Support & Contact info

G- Video and  Images Gallary

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A- EV3000 Camera Specification

The EV3000-D-IR500 comes with the following equipment list:

1. Day/Night Optics System CCD with FOG filter and 825mm 55X lens, the main housing assembly encloses the optics package.   The Day/Night camera provides high performance color images in day time and clear picture black and white at night. Integrated with the 55X, this system is capable of providing a high quality image for targets at long distance. 

2. Thermal camera hi resolution 640x480 working on 3-5 micron and 500mm lens. 

3. Sensor Housing
      Stainless steel Heavy duty enclosure for marine with sunshield.  

4. PAN/Tilt
     The motor provides highly precise and accurate mechanical pan / tilt capability High performance, brushless, maintenance-free step motors provide very precise, extremely effective motion control with preset and 0-360degree endless rotation 

5. Radar Interface  Option
The Camera system has intelligent controller that drives PTZ cameras to point automatically to objects based on data received from Radar system, Using Axis Video server as TCP/IP interface with RS232 serial port to send absolute positions to PT.   

6. Telemetry Interface Unit
The telemetry interface unit is the connection point for the controller input, and Commands are distributed from the interface box to the system components for control Pan, Tilt , Zooming, Focus, using Pelco-D 7 bytes.

7. PSU
The power supply is available with either 120VAC mains voltage input capability. This unit provides power for the optics package, as well as power for the pan / tilts motor assembly.

Camera Day Camera Thermal Camera
Resolution Color 560 TVL &
B&W 580 TVL
  640 x 480
FOV in degree 23.48°  Wide
.46°       Tele-zoom
Wide      5.5° x 4.1°
Narrow  1.1° x 0.8°

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B- Day Camera 

The equipment below will comprise a system to best provide capabilities to match project requirements from above. The camera and lens package will be secured inside all-weather housing. The housing is equipped with CCD 1/2” CCD with 12-825mm 55X optical zoom lens.

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C- Thermal Camera

Thermal camera hi resolution 640x480 working on 3-5 micron and 500mm lens.


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D- PTZ and Radar Interface



Stainless steel

·Rotating angle

Pan 0°to 360°/ Tilt -90°to +90°±5°

·Rotating speed

Pan :0.1°~ 6°/sec, Tilt :0.1°~ 3°/sec Max


Step motor (DC 24V/6A, Pan 96W / Tilt 96W)


-25 to +50


000~127(128 Presets)



·Receiver address

000~254(255 Addresses)


2400,4800,9600 BPS


PELCO-D(8 Data,1 stop,No parity)

·Camera & Lens Control

1)Thermal camera : Controlled by RS-232

2)Day/night camera : Zoom-in/out,Focus-near/far

·AUX Control 

1) wiper(Day/night camera side)

2)One Pump(External control box)

3)Three relay contacts for Hitach camera OSD

4)Extender Control(1x/2x)


1)Thermal camera : BNC

2)Day/night camera : BNC


1)Thermal camera enclosure : DC24V Fan by

Temperature sensor(35°C on /15°C off)

2)Day/night camera enclosure : DC24V Fan by

  Temperature sensor(35°C on /15°C off)

·Power consumption

240Watt(AC120V/2Amp at full load)

·AC Input

AC 110V/60Hz

Radar Interface Command List

Made of Stainless Steel


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F- Support

Email       INFO@ev3000.com

                 413-592-8477               413-591-8477               413-250-0903 

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G-Video and  Images Gallary 



 Video Clip          1680mm  lens with Fog filter

Video clip           300mm, 500mm, 1000mmlens

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